What's new ?

Easy Banking Business wants to be more intuitive, clearer and faster. Based on your feedback, the platform is constantly being adapted. Below you will find a few of the most recent new items and improvements.

Credit cards

In the past, it was only possible to consult your company's credit cards, but from now on, authorised users will also be able to manage them. This will enable you to:

  • customise limits either temporarily or permanently;
  • block or unblock cards online, for instance in the event of loss.

The overview after login

If you have several contracts in Easy Banking Business or Isabel, you will be provided with:

  • all contracts with their corresponding balances available in one overview;
  • a subtotal per currency while hovering the mouse over the balance;
  • a search function for contracts and accounts;
  • a drop-down list you can use to quickly switch between contracts and/or companies.

Online Credits module

From now on a company can make an online request for a new social or fiscal credit if certain conditions are met. Upon acceptance, the funds will be deposited into the account in no time.

And there's more...

  • Automatic additions to search queries
  • Simpler drop-down lists
  • Option to save a message together with a beneficiary
  • Details of payments can be downloaded via the transaction history (in a PDF file)
  • A CSV file of globalised payments (both SIX and Worldline) can be downloaded and consulted

Read more on previous releases

New SEPA direct debit guidelines

Since November 24, the date of publication of the new SEPA direct debit guidelines, some changes have been made:

  • The debits can be presented to the bank of the debtor up to 1 working day before the execution date (previously 5 days).
  • The concept of sequence of presentations has been simplified for automatic debits (no need to indicate that this is the first debit).

Manage bank guarantees online

This feature in the ‘Credits’ module allows users to view and manage their bank guarantees. Here, the bank enters into a commitment on behalf of the customer and for the benefit of a third party. Users can also download reports on their current bank guarantees.

Search and export transactions

Thanks to the new function 'Search transactions’, it has become a lot easier to see an overview of the transactions on your accounts or to search for specific transactions. It allows you to search through a history of the past 18 months on all types of accounts, including third party accounts. You can then immediately download the search results as a PDF or CSV file, which is easy to open in your accounting software.