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Easy Banking Business

Discover Easy Banking Business

Easy Banking Business is a digital banking platform for companies and small business owners. These applications allow you to manage your company’s cash flows and banking transactions securely. The online banking platform is easy to use: you can quickly log on with a special access card. Want to know more? Check out our different modules, below.

What’s new in Easy Banking Business

Welcome to Easy Banking Business! We’ve worked hard in the last few months to update you online banking platform. Click through to check the latest features we have implemented.

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Easy Banking Web

A secure BNP Paribas Fortis website aimed at both private persons and entrepreneurs. It allows you to carry out your banking transactions and access your accounts and cards, investment, loans & insurance policies wherever and whenever you like.

Isabel 6

An online and secure multi-application platform for companies, organisations and public institutions. It allows you to manage banking transactions swiftly and efficiently for all of the accounts you hold with various banks


A single platform for companies offering two practical applications for managing your cash pooling structures, documentary credits and documentary collections online and in real-time.


A multi-product platform enabling you to control your business operations through a single portal that offers you a full range of applications for cash management, banking transactions and trade finance and FX hedging; research tools, and communication services.